Eastwood Farm Playground

After many years of work by Friends of Eastwood Farm, a new playground was opened on 9th February 2022, replacing a rather dilapidated one. This one is used a great deal more! It came about with the support of our local councillors, and especially the funders: Bristol City Council, Enovert Community Trust, Ibstock Enovert Trust, John James Foundation, and Coop Community Fund.
It was designed for children up to the age of 12, and can be found near the junction of Eastwood Rd and Eastwood Crescent at BS4 4RR (Use this Link to report any issues concerning the playground to Bristol City Council).

We’re currently applying for funding to develop the play area below the playground to cater better for those over that age, and have just been awarded £98,000 from the Bristol City Council Community Infrastructure Levy fund. 

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