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The best way to find out about Eastwood Farm and the activities of the Friends group is through our newsletters. This is our latest, and further down the page there are links to all our previous ones, in case you want to delve back further into what we’ve been doing over the years.

Newsletter 23/6/22
A mixture of sunshine and showers has really made our meadows grow. The flood plain vegetation is now at head height, and the Himalayan balsam is perfect for pulling. Please help us with our efforts to push it back, to allow greater diversity on the farm. It’s starting to flower, so we have to act fast now, so please join the work party below.
We have had frequent visitors of deer on the tip field so please be wary if walking dogs. Jo was treated to seeing two of them the other morning. The warm weather has also seen an increase in people picnicking by the river. Although the advice from the harbour master is not to swim a great many are doing so. We hope they are careful not to drink the water. The council have added signage to the entrances, but have still not provided a life ring, despite our requests. However, we thank the Parks Department for clearing our overflowing bins daily during busy weekends. They are always full!
Please report any antisocial behaviour you see, especially the riding of scramblers and quads on the reserve, as this is prohibited. The police are aware of the problem.

Work Party News
Our work parties continue on the first Saturday morning of every month at 10:00 am. The next will be the Big Balsam Bash on Saturday 2nd July, where we’ll go over all our control areas to make sure it doesn’t make a comeback. Please come and help pull if you possibly can, wearing good shoes and covering arms and legs against ticks, brambles and nettles.  It would be great to have your help and your company. We always gather for a much needed cuppa, cake and chat after jobs are done. The meeting point is the green container (Our Shedquarters) by Eastwood Barn.  If you are not already on our WhatsApp group, and want to be more in touch, please join by clicking this link.

New Website
We have a new and easy to use website! We’re now able to manage the content ourselves, and have what we want on it. This is a huge step forward for us, giving us a fixed location to inform people about both Eastwood Farm and our group. Please take a look and let us know if there is something else you would like to see on it, or some content you would like us to add, or any other feedback. Also, if you would like to help with maintaining the site, please get in touch. Many thanks to Andy Haskins and ConversionWise for creating it, and also to Rob Acton-Campbell for creating and looking after the old site up to now.

Playground and Games Area
Have you seen our new sign acknowledging and thanking all the contributors to our new playground? We are very grateful to everybody. The playground continues to be well used. It’s suffered a bit of graffiti, perhaps because older children have nowhere for themselves. The lower playground presently just has two hoops at right angles and a shelter, and is not at all suitable for playing a game of basketball, or much else.
We have put in a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) bid to upgrade the area, and are currently consulting on what people would want. We have surveyed many young and older people about what they would like. If you, or any young people that you know, would like to add your ideas please add to our survey.

Brislington Meadows

We’re sure that you are aware that a planning application has been submitted by Homes England to build 260 dwellings on Brislington Meadows, the area of fields and hedgerows just across Broomhill Road from Eastwood Farm. As we are all increasingly aware about the importance of green spaces, The Friends of Eastwood Farm have submitted an objection on the Bristol City Council planning portal. Please add a personal objection yourself before the 29th of June to add weight to it, using this link.
The FoEF objection submitted:
The Friends of Eastwood Farm would like to oppose the planning application to build 260 houses on Brislington Meadows by Homes England. At a time when we all now understand the importance of our green environment and its importance to the survival of Our World, we feel it is absolutely inappropriate to build on an area of ancient meadow and hedgerows.
Eastwood Farm Local Nature Reserve is just across Broomhill Road from The Meadows. Its close proximity makes it a green corridor not only for the frequent visitors and inhabitants of wildlife species but also people who enjoy the circular walk immersed in urban nature around Brislington on the ‘Brislington Green Trail’. This will be destroyed if 260 houses are built.
Brislington Meadows has been designated a Site of Natural Scientific Interest (SNSI) until the local plan of 2014 was approved. However, nothing has changed on the site and there seems to be no record of this SNSI rescinded. Therefore we feel it still is a SNSI and therefore is absolutely not suitable for building.
Bristol City Council Planning Committee please support us by not allowing the site to be built on.  I am sure there are many brown field sites including the site of the old police station on Broomhill Road that are more suitable and will not have such a detrimental effect on our community and our much needed green spaces. 

Our next meeting
We would love more people to become more involved with our Friends Group. Our next meeting is Wednesday 29th June at Beeses. Starting at 7:30. Everyone is more than welcome.

  Love and Care for your local nature reserve

Jo Moore and Ralph Openshaw

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