Friends of Eastwood Farm Activities

FoEF volunteers look after our Local Nature Reserve alongside Bristol Parks. Generally speaking, we look after the paths and other matters around access, keep the space clear of rubbish, control Himalyan balsam, and deal with day to day issues within our capabilities.  The parks service cut the meadows and the hedges, give some infrastructure support and support us in dealing with issues  that arise.

Monthly work parties:

We have regular work days on the first Saturday of each month, which are really not so arduous, with a couple of hours’ work, a cup of tea and a chat, and then off home for lunch. However, with a good group of us, we get a lot done. We meet by our store near Eastwood Barn (3-word location – ///reason.wiping.riding) at 10:00 a.m.

We also do occasional other work parties when needed, which are normally advertised on the WhatsApp group, as well as special events.


Motorbike barriers

In 2023, concerned about motorbikes racing around the place,  we fixed a motorbike barrier on the path down to the river from Beeses’ car park (thanks to funding from the Coop). At the same time, we fenced all open points on the east side of the lane and built a style. There were much fewer motorbikes last summer, so it appears to have been a great success.

Waymarked paths

With the aim of encouraging more local people to use the nature reserve, we created 3 waymarked routes of varying difficulty. The map showing the routes can be found here. There are new signes at each entrance with maps and information, and the routes are marked by waymark posts, as well as paint marks on trees, benches, fences and anything else that doesn’t move. The project was largely funded by the Avon Catchment Partnership Fund, who we’re most grateful to. 

Annual events:


This is our annual fun-filled community/charity event for everyone in our local and surrounding area! BrizDay has been initiated and generously supported by Beeses. All funds raised go to Friends of Eastwood Farm to fund our projects in our nature reserve!

BrizDay 2024 will take place on Easter Saturday, 30th of April. There will be an Easter Egg hunt and litter piick – with meeting of the Easter Bunny! Beeses and Friends of Eastwood Farm volunteers have prepared a fun day with tombola, kids games, face painting, and much more – for more information : see BrizDay30th March 2024

Please avoid driving if at all possible, as there is very limited local parking, and none at Beeses on the day.

Previous Briz days

FoEF Calendar

Our 2024 calendar is now on sale for £8 each or £7.50 for multiples, and are available from Beeses, 53 Eastwood Road, 210 Allison Road and These Two Hands Gift Shop on Sandy Park Road.

Great Big Green Week

The Great Big Green Week is a nation-wide call for action on climate change. In collaboration with Bricks at St Anne’s House, Friends of Eastwood Farm have coordinated GBGWs since 2022.
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