The Friends of Eastwood Farm

Friends of Eastwood Farm was formed in 2015, and has steadily grown, especially in the last few years. We are a community group of people who enjoy nature, and Eastwood Farm in particular. We have two ways for volunteers to communicate, but they are mostly to the same people. These are our newsletter and the group chat. In March 2024 we had 143 subscribers to our mailing list, and 60 on the chat. We also had 954 followers on Facebook, no doubt including many of the previous 2 groups.

We hold meetings, open to all, around every 2 months, and send out newsletters at around the same frequency. Day to day communication is on the chat, and there is a good deal of communication on the work days too!

We don’t, currently, hold committee meetings, but discuss issues and administrative matters in the general meetings, as there is not so much of it. However, we do have elected officers: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and an Events Team of 3 who organise events and work parties.

See the news page to find out what’s happening now.

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